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Hi Parents,

To help me understand your child and which art class is best for them, please allow me to ask only 1 question:


Does your child like to draw from their own imagination or from their sight?

From Imagination

Drawing from one's imagination is creating things in one's mind without looking at another picture or object.  This usually means your child is very imaginative, perhaps creative, expressive, explorative, and/or willing to experiment.

Art Central's Character Animation track offers 6 semesters of courses:

  1 - Character Sketching

  2 - Character Illustrating

  3 - Story Animation

  4 - Animation Elements

  5 - Digital Animation Pt.1

  6 - Digital Animation Pt.2

From Sight

Drawing from sight is looking at a picture or object and drawing that.  This might mean your child loves perfection, knowing the rules to follow, and/or enjoys studying the world what is in front of them.


Art Central's Fine Art track offers 6 semesters of courses in the mediums of graphite, charcoal, conté, pastels, watercolors, and acrylic paints.  

Click on Courses to register your artist at Art Central.

Art Central is open to ALL children with ALL abilities!

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