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Art Classes

art classes allow your child to receive the most undivided, direct attention from Teacher Chadney.

Open to all children with all abilities! 

• $70/hour, $35/half hour, 1-to-1, Online Art Class
Drawing with Pencils and/or Digital Art
• $80/hour, $40/half hour, 1-to-1, In-Person Art Class
Drawing with Pencils, Pastels, Conté, Painting with Acrylics, Digital Art

Online art classes
Tools required for online art classes:

• Device with screen larger than a phone (iPad, laptop, desktop computer) with internet connection
• Two #2 pencils sharpened
• Colored pencils

• White copy paper

In-Person art classes

• All art supplies are provided free of charge.

Call or Text Teacher Chadney Spencer at 917-858-8045
for the currently available schedule and to learn more.

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